Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mom is My Job

finally he slept peacefully, after untranslatable cry -or whine- he made.

i realized that being a mom wouldn't be easy. it seemed so difficult after he was born, just because we are not accustomed to take care of a baby.

but when we feel we mastered that already, the level is getting harder -just like a video game.

definitely, it needs skill.

i used to think that a becoming a fulltime mother wasn't as difficult as working in an institution. i was wrong.

this is the only job that's not taught at school,and moreover it requires a huge responsibility.

i need to learn, really. it's not different with my daily life when i was a teacher: i have to go online to find something i don't know, read some literature, discuss with trusted source, and practice.

sometime, i wondered how can i improve my skill of caring him when there's no school to go and no courses to take. experience would be the best answer, although i don't want to make my son some kinda "test object". thus, i have to be a knowledged mom. and wife.

no matter how society regard a housewife merely as "a wife who's (only) in the house", i will try my best to do this job.

all in all..i think it will be a tough decision to go back to teach while my son is at home, with someone that he doesn't expect to spend the day with.



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