Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Mosquito Attack


If you don’t know what a mosquito attack means, let me tell you. 

For the past month, every night has been a sleepless night for me. Tens of mosquitoes flew inside my house since the sun sets. They stay until the next morning, or even have their “overtime work” until 10 a.m. That’s crazy.

It’s unusual, I can tell. They’re a lot, like never ending flow of flying insects. If usually we only have one until three mosquitoes biting us each night, it’s not. I remember I could kill one every minute. After I hit one, I went back to sleep. Not even a minute, I woke up again because I felt a bite, the very itchy one, and I started to look for the suspected mosquito. I gave it a hard slap, resulting in splashed blood on the bed sheet, floor, or curtain. At the beginning, I always cleaned the blood stain, but as the biting-scene got more severe, I just let it be. I didn’t have time to clean it because when I did that they’d bite me again. Hghghhh… At least, I collected all the dead mosquitoes together so I could count how many I killed.

Beside the stain, they also left red spots on my son’s skin. That’s one of the reasons why I killed them passionately and emotionally. Sometimes I came back to my bedroom and saw 4 mosquitoes on my son’s skin, altogether! Most of them were soooo fat with blood. They couldn’t even fly away when I got closer. I hit them, though it means I hit my son, too. But it wasn’t as hard as his father. I could give him a really hard hit on his leg, arm, or even forehead. Sometimes he woke up and mumble in anger unconsciously. I felt sorry but I was more to happy if I got the mosquitoes with blood around them, haha..

Of course, I tried to prevent them from coming into my house. I sprayed bug spray all over the bedroom, some corners of my house, and under the desk. I closed the door and waited few hours until the scent went away and safe enough for my son. When I entered the room, it was clear…only in two or three hours. The next, they started to look for prey.

I wonder why they kept coming back although I feel that I killed all already. The ventilation holes are covered with net. The windows are closed, but yaa…they’re not perfectly closed. The window frame wasn’t fit in to the wall, so there are spaces in between, and that’s the only way the mosquitoes could enter our room. I tried my best to cover the window with curtains, but it failed. They can walk.

Walk? Mosquitoes? Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes but it happened. When i was typing, it walked on my laptop screen. I saw it again in my room, it walked on the floor since the stomach was full of blood so it couldn’t fly. Then, this thought crossed my mind: they’re mutant. First, they can walk. Second, they can fly again after I hit them. Third, they are strong enough to fly in front of the fan. Fourth, bug spray can’t kill them directly unless we spray it an inch from the mosquito. Whatever they are, they are survivor and I’m not. Neither my son nor my husband.

Every night during this attack, I could wake up more than three times. It was because I got bitten so much, or because my son cried of feeling itchy. My weapons were my hands and seblak (a kind of broom made from the bones of coconut leaves, tied together, used for sweeping the dust from the mattress). When I couldn’t handle that, I used bug spray although it is prohibited when someone is in the room. Did it help? Not really.

Some of my neighbors used mosquito racket, a kind of tennis racket whose strings have electricity. I didn’t have it, so the last few days I put on mosquito repellant. Sadly, it’s not for kids under 6 years old. He wore long sleeved shirt and pants, though. That’s why the mosquitoes targeted his head, face, hands, and feet.

Along with mosquito repellant, I also wore long sleeves plus blanket. Was it hot? Not really, since the fan was on. Don’t ask me what happened when the lights went out. It was a disaster!

One day, I ran out of bug spray. Two cans. In less than two moths. Crazy.

So, I bought a new one with different brand. It seems like the new one worked better since the mosquitoes didn’t come again the whole night after I sprayed my room. Of course I was thrilled. Bug spray effect, yo!

The next few days, the numbers of mosquito decreased rapidly without I sprayed anything. Mmm, so it’s not about the brand.

Oh, I know! It must be the rain that chased the mosquitoes away.. Fortunately, the last few days we got quite heavy rain, and the mosquitoes disappeared ever since. Thank God..

I still can see the blood stain all over the wall and the bed sheets. Let it be a reminder that a war had ever happened in our bedroom, and we survived.

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