Thursday, January 15, 2015

#EF2: My Wildest Dream

Living in a new neighborhood without any help from parents or family members who were always there, was a bit challenging for me and my husband after we moved to Bogor. Although my husband’s uncle lives near our house, I still feel uneasy to ask too much help. At first we tried to fix broken things ourselves, and then we started to know some people who we can ask for help. Soon I realized that there are too much people who help us running our daily life. Unfortunately, we take it for granted most of the time since money is involved.

I will take Yu Sri, the veggie seller I always come to everyday, as an example. In the morning, she sells vegetables, meat, fish and other cooking ingredients on a porch of a shop. Around 10 a.m, she loads those stuffs to a cart and walks around this very big housing complex, pushing the cart by herself. I don’t know how much she makes, but I’m sure that’s not much. She can only take Rp 500 – Rp 1000 margin per item, I guess. Tired? I think you can answer.

I can’t imagine if Yu Sri –or another Yu Sri- isn’t there. Maybe, I have to spend more because I have to shop in a supermarket or modern grocery store. I can’t practice my Javanese also, haha… (as a Javanese in West Java slash suburban Jakarta, I feel like home to have a partner to improve my Javanese speaking ability). Yes, she helps me a lot lot lot.

Then, Mbak Yati, who cleans my house and clothes. I don’t pay her much, but we get along well. In two 
months, she will have been working for a year, inshaa Alloh. The Bapak Rongsok, how should I call him? He willingly removed wild grass on my yard, although he collects unused and broken things from houses.

In short, all of them have given me the help I need and sometimes I think that what I gave is not enough to show my gratitude. I really wish that I can give them some getaway, holiday, or similar things. I think that’s pretty much my wildest dream. Why? That’s because giving others what they rarely or maybe never have is something extravagant, for me. Do you know benefit of giving? It makes us feel happy, thus leads us to better health (Source: here)

I feel addicted to give more and more because it feels sooo good after you give, donate, share something to other people, and they respond happily! So, here’s my list for the people who has been helping me a lot:
1.       Yu Sri.
Since she often complains about discomfort in her arm and hands, I will take her to a spa and massage center, where she can relax after years of pushing carts restlessly. After, she can have some fun with her granddaughter and family at a waterpark or a kind of fantasy land. Uuuh, thinking about it makes me happy already!
2.       Mbak Yati
Got married at 18, has 2 kids, work 8 hours per week only, I’m sure she needs me-time or maybe family time. Dufan might be a perfect choice for her family, while she can have some creambath and shopping time after that.
3.       Bapak Rongsok
I don’t know what he might like. I guess eat good food in a restaurant with his family, continued by spending one night in a hotel in Puncak would be good :)
4.       Pak Hasim and other security 
Since they’re male like Pak Rongsok and it’s not my area LOL, similar treat might works for them. So, I’ll bring them with their family to Jungle Land maybe, and they can choose to eat in any restaurant they want.
5.       Garbage Truck Workers (The Orange Team)
Dealing with garbage that MUCH everyday?? I can’t imagine how they can stand it. My plan is to get them a groom day, where they got massaged and madeover (woohoo!), continued with having a candlelight dinner with their wife.
6.       Pak Udi, my ex ojek driver
He’s a nice guy. He drove realllyyy sllooowwlyy because I was pregnant and the road looks like a set of mini-lake. So, I will take him, his wife, and 3 kids to Pulau Umang for 3 days 2 nights to enjoy all facilities and of course, the beautiful scenery of the sea. Oh ya, back massage also for you, Pak. Sitting on the motorcycle the whole day must be tiring.
7.       The Bread Seller
He is still young, I bet he’s between 18-21. So, going to the cinema with his folks, continued by having dinner in a good restaurant, and going to outbound and paintball area will be a really refreshing activity for him.
8.       Ayu Jamu, the herbal drink seller.
She’s 6 months pregnant, but she carries a woven-bamboo basket full with jamu bottles on her back, everyday, on foot, for 4 hours! What more can I say. I wanted to pay for her childbirth in a good hospital, and bring her family in her village to here, so she can get some help with the new baby. The family will be staying in a good guest house and she will have some body treatment because giving birth is.. yaa like that. :p

Oh ya, the list is based on what I think is fun for them. Sounds subjective, eh? It’s fine. If I ask them what they need they’d prefer cash money, and that’s not memorable, haha…

Dear my wild dream 
Please be mild (for me to make you real)
Don’t be too hard (to get)
Because I know you are right



  1. Beautiful dream. May you can make them real Mba. :) so true that our life is much easier with people around us.

    1. aamiin mas dani..
      this post is also a reminder for me to always be grateful for what i have :)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful post. We have to be grateful, always.