Monday, May 25, 2015

EF #19: The Memorable Nanny

She was eighteen and I was nine if I am not mistaken. Our relationship began when he worked for my parents as a nanny. My parents were both working at that time, so I and my sister were taken care by Mbak Nini, that’s how I called her. Actually, there was one more nanny, Mbak Retno. This 15 year-old girl handled my sister while Mbak Nini was for me.

I don’t remember exactly how many years she worked in my house. I can say that it was long enough since my memory of her was so strong. I was a picky eater so she always made me some food that I liked. Yes, it was not far from sunny side up egg (without the yolk) and chicken soup (without the chicken). She patiently scratch my leg or hands until I fell asleep, since I would be easier to sleep if she did so although I didn’t feel itchy J

I remember that Mbak Nini and Mbak Retno had ever swum with their underwear! The story was like this. Me and my sister went to a swimming lesson and it was in a hotel’s swimming pool. I wasn’t so sure, maybe they really wanted to swim too but they felt uneasy to tell my mom. After I and my sister finished swimming, we swam around and played in the pool. When we asked both Mbak to jumped in, they did it..! Of course, they did it silently and they chose a quite hidden spot, haha... Not long after that, the pool guard found them and...laughed! Thank God he wasn’t angry and didn’t ask us to pay extra tickets. What about Mbak Nini and Mbak Retno? They were ashamed to be caught in the act like that, but they continued swimming :D

Things didn’t always go smooth. There was a phase in my childhood that I like to touch boops (so sorry..), included Mbak Nini’s. She was uncomortable but I kept doing that for fun. Then, she got angry and said to me, “Dik, there was a woman died because her breast was touched like that!” Hahah...but then I stopped doing that eversince.

One day, she made a big mistake. As a consequence, she got to get married with her boyfriend and quit her job. She was so sad, and so was I. When she gave birth, my parents took me to her house to see her baby. It was so clear in my mind that I saw my framed photograph was hanging on her living room’s wall.. I never thought that she also had this connection..

I don’t know where she is now. I wish I could meet her. I just want her to see that the little girl she took care now already has a little family.. and I want to thank her for all she did for me.

This post was made for English Friday Challenge. I know it was too late to submit it, but I am trying to keep my commitment to post all challenges.



  1. You were naughty girl back then. Hahahaha. I hope she is alright Mbak.
    Thank you for committing to the challenges Mbak.

    For this one: there was one more nanny - I prefer 'there was another nanny'

  2. Thanks for the correction Mas Ryan :)