Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's Because AADC?2

Honestly, I’m not a cinema person. I used to, when I was a kid. I spent a weekend in a month to watch movies with my dad and my sister. When Empire 21 in Jogja was burnt and left no good cinema in the city, I stopped doing that routine. Fortunately, Ambarrukmo Plaza brought back a 21 to Jogja. At that time I was a university student and I went there quite often. The reason was quite simple: because I feel like it. If I didn’t feel like going there, I’d rather watch rented VCDs. The second reason was peer group. Few times I went to the cinema because we were 6 or more people. It added the fun, since we watched horror movies J

Now, after a long pause (4-5 years), I got the chance and mood to go to the cinema to know what, hahaha... Yup, right, AADC?2. Thank God I managed to watch it with my husband and sister because we were on a vacation in Jogja, and my mom kindly took care of my son when we were away. The “what-about-our-son” issue has always been there if I and my husband want to go to XXI. Thus, we never went there in this four-year marriage. Wait, we did! For the first time we had a night out at XXI in Jogja, watching The Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. It’s my sister’s choice, but I didn’t care since I really wanted to watch movie not on a cable TV (like we always did).

The reason was different with AADC?2. When the first AADC? was released, I was still in high school. I watched it with my highschool gank, lined up until parking area, made it to the lobby when the glass window of ticket box was broken already, and decided to quit because we couldn’t breath. Did we fail? No. We bought tickets from calo (broker?)...for three-times fold! So, you can see, this movie was so memorable. The soundtrack colored my high school days, and Dian Sastro has become my idol since the first time she was crowned as Gadis Sampul 1996.

Wow, that is more than enough reason to explain why I watched AADC?2 in the cinema. After this movie, I predict that I’ll back to my absence from the cinema, unless someone take care of my son. He’s almost three and I haven’t got the confidence to take him along. Maybe if he’s older we’ll watch children movie together, okay kid?

P.S: This post is a part of BEC English Friday Challenge.

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