Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Why Teaching?"

I am sure quite a lot of my friends raised their eyebrows when i told them that i was a kindergarten teacher (at that time). Then, they'd be saying, "Oh..that's awesome! You must have been so patient." That's a normal comment. Kids, especially toddlers, are considered difficult to handle. The other comment was like, "Are you sure? How come?" because my bachelor degree is in communication. But i told them, i love teaching, and i love kids, too. I put teaching before the kids because the passion that i have is more to teaching itself.

If we say teaching, it means that we teach the students. We give, tell, transfer the knowledge from the students. In short, we make them learn something. But what i've learned proves different things. I learn from my students. A lot. I can also put it in general, that i learn from my workmates and the school, too.

I tried quite a lot of jobs before, and none of them gave me the richness like what i've got from teaching. Maybe those jobs could gave me more money in shorter time, but the satisfaction we get from something we really love doing will pay off all things we don't like from our profession. The feeling of giving, sharing, and empowering sometimes give me the sense of doing something good. And God promises us that good things will only get good things in return. Deep in my soul, i feel fulfilled by teaching. Thus, i gave this blog name The Miracle of Teaching.


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  1. By teaching we bring children from "the condition of they're to the condition of they're supposed to be".

    Enjoy it & Have fun like when we're in West Borneo (",)