Friday, February 26, 2016

The Three Unacceptable Things

Have you ever thought why people did certain things that you really hate? I mean, what they did was unacceptable. To make it clear, I will list down three things that in my opinion people should not do, but I keep on witnessing that in my daily life.

1.                   Throwing the garbage wherever they want
On my way to school, I always see piles of garbage behind the bushes. Since the area is mostly villages with a lot of empty yard and knee-length grass, people here thought that throwing away plastic bags full of household trash behind the bushes won’t be seen from the street. Thus, you can see lots of little landfill. So sad, three years ago when I first moved here, the scenery was so beautiful with trees along the way, rice fields, and valleys. Some villagers here burn their garbage. Although I hate this technique, it is better than littering in someone else’s land.

2.                   Not lining up
It’s so simple actually, but people seem to think it’s time consuming. If they line up, the process will be faster and it will unlikely to end up in quarrel such as, “I came first, why did you serve this man (who came later), etc”. Things like this happen especially when I bought food or drink in PKL or street vendor. The “line” was circular a.k.a circling the booth ants and sugar.

3.                   Ride on the right side
The route I pass everyday has no traffic light but it has some crossroads and schools. In the morning, traffic jam often happens. The cause is so simple: nobody wants to give way to other vehicles. When one side finally stops, this side will stop quite long. The motorcycles on this side will overtake the long queue, of course by driving on the right side. So, when the opposite side finally get their turn, they find no way to drive since rhe road is already occupied by the motorcycles! I am using motorcycle but at least I can predict what will happen if I try to find MY wayout: will it cause more jam or no.

To hope this habit goes away, is more to a dream for me. I don’t want to say that those three things are part of Indonesian life, but that’s the fact. If you can find three Indonesian habits that can balance my opinion above, maybe you can post it as an English Friday Challenge from BEC, like this post. 


  1. Of course I've been wondering about your question too :)

    Well for an ordinary person like me the best thing I could think of is to start from ourselves, family and friends around us.. And pray for the rest :p