Sunday, June 26, 2016

EF16.11: A Dream (BigFam) Holiday


I’m on my home. For a working mom, resting at home really means something. Of course, I still have a dream to travel with my family for the next holiday, after we have enough budget haha...

So, when I visited BEC’s blog today and read the latest challenge, I decided to write the post immediately. I am a visual person, the five photos that BEC provides for this challenge made it easier for me to arrange my words. And....this is the pic I picked!

Yes, picnic with a bunch of people. 

This picture reminds me of my dream to have a trip with my big family. We only have a chance to get together, the complete set from uncles to grandchildren when: one of us get married or Lebaran. Fortunately, these four years my cousins (including me) got married one by one, so we had fun met up in ones’ wedding parties, with same-color kebaya, and family pictures! The stage is getting smaller to fit all of us because more of us have spouse and kids. Yeayy!

I can imagine how fun it would be if we all (my father and his 5 siblings, including their spouse, children, and grandchildren) go somewhere near but fresh (let’s say Kaliurang or Tawangmangu) to spend a night together. There are lots of new places in Jogja that are suitable for family vacation, too. 

But if I can set the bar higher, I’d like to choose Malang or Bandung, hehe... The kids will enjoy Batu Secret Zoo for sure. My parents and the pakdhe-budhe will also enjoy the family time since most of them now live separately from their married children. How wonderful to see everyone’s happy.

I hope this family-get-together will soon be realized J

Don’t forget to visit BEC’s blog, choose one pic, and write your story. It’s fun!

The Cousins.



  1. Aw yes, I also have been raised with a tradition of routine family gathering, every "Lebaran Holiday" or every time someone gets married.

    My grandparents' house has been an unforgettable childhood memory that I always want to write about it (and the yearly gathering after Eid prayer), sadly it was demolished two years ago. The grandchildren (i.e. us) are also getting married one by one and live in different places now. I hope we could have another gathering sometime.

    Hopefully you too could have a great time with your family this holiday! ^^

    1. Aamiin, you too Mbak Vita...since my grandparents' house was sold, we gathered at my grandpa's sister house, or the eldest budhe, wherever it is lah hehe

  2. This post reminds me about family holiday. I think I am going to make the plan soon. Nice post Mba :D