Friday, November 25, 2016

EF 16.15: Simple Things That Moms Need

If you are a mom, you’ll understand quickly what my title means. We may think about the same things, such as me time, helpful husbands, and stuff. You may think of technology like smartphone and household appliances.

After more than a month living a life as a stay-at-home mom, I can feel every second and think clearly about what I do every day (if we work, time runs faster and we can barely digest what happened that day). Then, I feel so grateful for my life. The gratitude sometimes comes from things we didn’t notice because it’s so simple.

For me, here are the things:
1.     I wake up early but my son wakes up later than I do
     If I woke up at 5 (or earlier), I can do aerobic for 20 minutes, do my laundry, prepare something for breakfast, do the dishes –if there’s any. No, I don’t really sweep and mop unless the floor really needs it. After all is done, my son wakes up and I’m ready for him. Yeayyy…!
2.    My son takes a bath and has breakfast without any quarrel.
     Well, this is what I’m struggling with every day: asking him to take a bath and eat, and takes a nap. A good day means, he agrees to take a bath without I’m persuading him more than 15 minutes. Sometimes I use reward like gummy candies and it works for most of the time.
3.    Help from husband
     This can means: tidy up the bed, accompany our son when I’m so busy in the kitchen, or buy food if I’m too tired to cook. Anything I requested.
4.    Washing machine, sun rays, and softener
     I can’t explain why I love this combination and put them inside this list. It’s just washing, for God sake. For me, do the laundry using a washing machine and smell the fragrant of the detergent and the softener is really relaxing. I like to buy small sachet because I like to change the fragrant whenever I want. Don’t forget the sun rays. I become even more happier if all the laundry completely dry before Ashar. Yeayyy again…!

Well, it is simple right? I reconsidered to change the title Moms into “I”, but then I thought maybe some moms out there feel the same way.

What about you? You can write your simple things as a part of Blog English Club’s Friday Challenge, just like this post.

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