Thursday, May 14, 2015

EF #18: Why is Ours So Complicated, God?

Dear God,
It’s clear what kind of relationship we have
You love me and I love You
You are The Creator and I am the creature
I know what you’ve given me but..
I haven’t given what You asked me to

It’s really complicated for me

If someone loves somebody, he will do anything to make that person happy
I’ve shown my family that I love them
I do things that make them happy and feel loved

Things are different when I try to show my love to You
It is so…difficult.

No, it is theoretically simple: do what You ask, avoid what You forbid
In reality, I often disobey Your rules
I came to you mostly when I was in trouble
When you took away the problems, I forgot You
I talk to you only an hour while I live 24 hours a day
What a shame!

On the contrary, You make life so wonderful to me
This health, family, happiness that You have given me are for free

Sometimes I think, why?
Why am I being so ungrateful?

Then, I think about how I love You
that I’ve shown my love in a way that maybe is still not good enough for me
(and I’m sure it’s far from enough compared to Your love)

So, God, please give me time to show more love
And to make this relationship works well for both sides
To be more grateful in terms of living my life, not only in prayers

I love You.

This post is a part of English Friday Challenge by Blog English Club


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