Thursday, September 28, 2017

EF 17.3: Common Mistakes in Writing English

Who says writing in English is not easy? It won’t be easy if you don’t dare to try.

I started to write in English when I was 17. At that time, I took an English class at LIA. The teacher often gave writing tasks and they corrected the writings also. I guess I got my basic writing skill here, especially grammatically.

In 2005, I got a chance to volunteer in a western country. My writing skill improved as I spoke English on a daily basis. I started to write my journal in English. Journal is similar to a diary in Indonesia but it also included daily plan and stuff (for me). Things became so easy back then with English speaking environment.

Years after, I didn’t really write in English. I had a blog in English but it had five posts only. Then, I joined BEC (Blog English Club). I wrote English blog post regularly as part of BEC Challenge. BEC members had some discussions following the challenge; in order to enrich the members’ writing ability and….to encourage each other.

Yes, that’s the most important point. 

I believe that a lot of people feel unconfident to write in English although they are able to. So, it is important to motivate yourself to be confident to write. If you have English speaking community such as debate club or English course, it would be better.

Does my story have anything to do with the challenge’s topic (Common Mistakes in Writing English)?

For me, it does.

The lack confidence and courage are the first mistakes, then you can jump to grammatical mistakes. For instance, it becomes more difficult for me to write an English post since I don’t work anymore, and Blog English Club has been less active. Every time I write, I had to check Google for my grammar, even for the spelling of words…! My English ability is aging, like my skin LOL

Well, I don’t want to cry on this. That I finally managed to write this post (although the challenge was more than a month ago) proved that I still have the courage. Now, it’s time to work on my common grammatical mistakes: tenses.

PS: This post is a part of BEC’s English Friday Challenge. Dare to join? Click here.   


  1. oo this is hilarious.. "My English ability is aging, like my skin" :D :D i mean seriously.. you're not alone here. i feel you :D it feels like the last time i wrote English composition was..thousand years ago! Haha! so yeah.. it gets wrinkle on the edges :)

    1. So sad but true ya I understand why my mom kept asking "how to spell sukses dek?" or things like was annoying for me, but then I did the same thing! Welcome to the world of aging..