Thursday, January 15, 2015

My New Thing in New Year: BEC
Last week, when I was blogwalking to Kacamatamia, I got the info about BEC a.k.a Blog English Club. It is a newly-formed online community for bloggers who want to improve their English. English Friday is the first activity of BEC that I knew, where the members are challenged to write a blogpost in English about a topic. Later, I also found out that BEC also has  Whatsapp groups, one for chitchatting and one for learning English.

For me, who thinks that my English ability is somewhat decreasing, joining this group must be an advantage. Without too much thinking, I sent email to one of the admins, Mas Dani. The next day I got a reply, and the day after I officially became a member in BEC’s WA group.

The first day was amazing, because everyone was so excited in speaking English. When I left my cell for 1 hour, it had around 50 unread messages. Crazy! The next day, we had the learning session guided by some mentors and the session was more than amazing. Why? It was because the mentors share the lessons in easy-to-understand English. I got some new knowledge also that made me write it down on a post it, haha.. 

Since I missed the first English Friday, I will write directly to the second one. I still hope I have the time to write the first challenge, though. Wish me luck :)


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