Sunday, March 1, 2015

EF#9: Blog English Club's First Meet Up

Have you ever read fiction books then you imagined every character? That is what I usually had in mind when I interacted with BEC (Blog English Club) members in Whatssap group. There were descriptions I built about how they looked like based on their avatar or their writings.

So, when I stepped into that Kemdikbud Library, I felt a burst of excitement seeing faces that I only saw on their blogs. When we said our names, then ‘’Ooooh…it’s you..” followed the handshaking moments, haha..

Some people seemed knowing each other already, but some needed to start a conversation with these strangers who are not actually strangers since we had virtual talks before. It’s even weirder that we know their life too because we read their blogs. This was my first meet up ever, and my first community out of my circle of friends, so I will thank technology for this miracle.

I like this 30 minutes before the event started: the icebreaking time. Fortunately, I managed to talk and say hi to some participants including Mbak Yeye, the owner of Millie Cakery that provided yummy cakes and pudding for the event. When I was having a conversation with Mbak Nadia, Mbak Ollie sat next to us. We quickly greeted her (don’t let this opportunity pass by, hahah) and had a small talk until Mas Dani asked all participants to sit before the stage ($%#$**!). 

If I’m not mistaken, at 11.10 the session started. Only 10 minutes left, that’s quite an achievement for Indonesian event :p. All of BEC founders was on stage one by one, minus Mas Andik. Mas Ryan and Mas Dani, they are not that different with what I imagined, but the girls.. Wow, Mbak Nita and Mbak Deva are stage persons I think, haha.. They are very confident, outspoken and seemed like outgoing also (I was deceived by how they dress, maybe). Don’t worry, all admins, I could feel your warmth, kindness, and sincerity (in case that the male founders felt, “Do I look less fun?” :p )

Soon after an introduction of BEC, the guest speaker went on stage. Mbak Ollie, I visited her blog few times, was really amazing. The yellow green outfit she wore sparked her confidence and bold personality. Not only spoke under the theme (How to Write/Blog in English Confidently), she also shared about her experience around the world. She underlined that those experiences came to her because she actively blogged in English. I felt that this session wasn’t only sharing session or merely talk show, but it was also motivation training (for free, yeayyy!). I wrote in separated post about what she shared.

Closing the session, Mbak Ollie asked us to work in pair in 15 minutes (she really counted the time!): interview your partner, share your story, and write your partner’s story in a piece of paper. Unfortunately, only 3 participants’ writings were lucky enough to be commented by her. Wish we had more time. For me, the point of this activity was to assure us that ideas of writing can be found everywhere, including people’s story.

Other than the guest speaker session, the admins gave us a bonus which was an additional knowledge about web security by Wawan Hermawan, one of the founders of idcaster (this event could be watched via web streaming, thanks to idcaster).

The closing was the thing that I’d been waiting for: the new BEC logo announcement. The winner of the logo design competition was Eriyanto Ongko. He created a soft blue, uncapitalized “bec” with a small blue triangle at the top left corner, and tagline under the logo. So simple and pretty. Another surprise, the admins also awarded Putri Nur Fauziah a.k.a Utie as Member of The Month. Congratulations!

Finally, all participants and admins took picture together, holding cute props said b-l-o-g-e-n-g-l-i-s-h-c-l-u-b. Thanks you so much all admins..! I know you all gave the most you can give to make this happen. I can only say thanks, but The Almighty will reward you with more than you can expect, aamiin..

Can’t wait for the next meet up!



  1. Aaaahh..iyaya Mbak, kita baru sempet ngobrol bentar, juga sama Mbak Ollie hahaha

    1. Betuul...etapi gapapa udah sempet ngobrol seenggaknya :)

  2. Nice to meet you in person, Mba Menur :)

  3. For me, it is nice to know your son also Mba. He's so cute. Too bad Nadia didn't bring her daughter as well.
    Thank you so much Mba for your lovely post.

  4. haha, thank you Mas.. I'm sorry if he kept screaming (he's so excited playing with mbak Ristin's son)..can't imagine if Mbak Nad bring her daughter along, i guess you guys have to prepare kids area for the next meet up :p

  5. oo..ini Mba Menur yang kayanya saya ketemu di Masijd pas shalat yaa? salam kenal yaa... :)