Monday, June 22, 2015

EF #21: EcoHoliday Under 100K at Kuntum Farm Field

Nowadays, back to the village is becoming a trend. What i meant with “village” is a place where we can experience a life like in a village: planting, feeding farm animals, or even ploughing..! These kinds of activities were easily found in our grandparents daily life (maybe). As our country gets more modern, more people move to the city and those activities in the nature lose their charm.

Don’t worry, modern life makes us pay a lot for the environment and that’s why green lifestyle becomes a solution. Going to places that support green lifestyle is one alternatives for spending a great holiday. Fortunately, I got the chance to visit Kuntum Farm Field, an agro tourism place in Jalan Raya Tajur, Bogor.

I read a lot of blog review about Kuntum before. It is a farming field where visitors (especially kids) can touch, pet, feed, and ride animals that they rarely see in the city. It also has gardens of organic vegetables and flowers.

When I arrived there, I really loved it! First, Kuntum is clean for a place that has a lot of farm animals. Second, it’s affordable. The ticket is only IDR 30.000, and free for kids under 3 years old. So, I only spent IDR 60.000 for tickets.

After we paid the ticket, we entered the main area. I borrowed farmer’s hat (for free) because I predicted it would be quite sunny the next hour. The situation inside was really exciting. A lot of kids were feeding the goats. None of them looked afraid! My son liked feeding rabbits because they were more reachable and touchable... Vegetables for feeding the rabbits were sold for Rp 3000 per basket. I didn’t buy it since there were some leftover inside the cage. Unfortunately, we skipped the hamster area since I thought that their cage was rabbits’ also.

My son tried to touch instead of feeding the goat

Shady area, stroller friendly, and clean
Other than goats and rabbits, we also visited cow and calf area where people are able to give milk in a (really big) bottle with (big) pacifier. It was so cutee..! We didn’t enter chicken coop but we went passing a lot of geese and ducks. In the end of this section we could see fish ponds. I guess this was the area for gathering since I saw some huts.

The next section was horse riding area. It was 5 minutes walk dowa a slopy pathway. There, my son rode a horse without my husband, and we paid Rp 30.000 for one round. Adults were not allowed to ride the horses because they were little ponies. When my son finished riding, we took a rest while met up with my husband’s junior high school friends. Yes, it was a little reunion. We ate some snacks that we brought from home.

Horse riding, yeayyy!
In the end ofour trip, my son wanted to feed the fish behind the ticket box. So, I bought a pack of fish feed for Rp 3000 and spent a really relaxing afternoon sitting beside the pond.

Okay, in total, I only spent Rp 60.000 for tickets + Rp 30.000 for horse riding + Rp 3000 for fish = Rp 93.000. I brought food from home so that made it under Rp 100.000. I’m sure person definitely spends less than 100K (if you are single or without kids). Seems tempting?

P.S: I know it’s already the 23rd English Friday Challenge. So, this post is way too late. It’s okay, I’m just trying not to miss a challengeJ

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