Saturday, June 27, 2015

EF #23: Mudik Preparation

The day of going back to my hometown a.k.a mudik is approaching. My husband said this morning that he couldn’t wait to meet his parents. Don’t worry Yah, time flies, even in Ramadhan + holiday like now. It’s almost a week fasting! So fast, uh?

Okay, so to make mudik more enjoyable, I always prepare for that months before. The first, of course: train ticket. I always failed to buy it online, so I asked my sister in Jogja to book it at an internet café with fast internet connection. The connection where I live is proven bad, including in it’s Indomaret or Alfamart.

With the ticket booked, I feel quite safe. It equals 75% of the preparation hahah.. Then, I am now doing the budgeting. I know, we haven’t got the THR ( extra salary that the company gives for Lebaran) yet. So, knowing how much we’ll spend can avoid unnecessary expenses.

The next preparation is arranging the schedule there. I and my husband try to be fair in spending days during holiday since we have four parents now. Ten days there means five for my parents and five for his parents.

The last (that I always fail to do) is smart packing. Usually, I make the list 5 days before and start putting things inside the travel bags 3 days before until before we leave. It’s so challenging to just bring enough clothes. So, I always end up with big bags and still bring paper or plastic bags on each hand, plus back pack. And a kid, yay. My mom-in-law always says, “Your luggage looks like you’re going umroh”. :D

Now, what can I do while waiting for the D day? Well, I am searching for what gifts to bring home.
Errr,'s just an alibi for shopping :-)

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  1. It's not a guilty to go shop mbak *laughing

    I hope your mudik lebaran will safe..

  2. Perburuan tiket memang kompetitif sekali ya, Mbak Menur :D Koneksi menentukan prestasi *eh
    Kalo saya bermasalah packing biasanya pas mo balik rantaunya, si tas pun beranak haha

    1. Koneksi menentukan prestasi <-- I like that haha
      Me, too mbak.. I decided to bring some clothes that I rarely used so I could leave them (and bring more oleh2 :p)