Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello There, My Copycat!

It has been almost a year and a half amazing journey for me. Seeing my son grows day by day is something that I can be grateful for. Sometimes it was wonderful, full-of-laughter days, but can’t deny that most of it was challenging. Despite the difficulties and dramas I’ve gone through in raising my baby, I am so amazed by one thing: his ability to copy what he sees, especially from his parents. Here are some that I thought he didn’t notice:

1.       Throwing garbage to the bin
I’ m so surprised when he first did that, because I didn’t really teach him to throw things on the garbage bin. First time I saw him did that, I gave him compliment and applause. What happened next was, he threw non-garbage things into the bin. Now, he can identify which thing goes to the bin.

2.       Mopping and sweeping the floor
This happened before point no.1, but I didn’t know that it was a copied act. I thought he simply loved the broom. When I saw how he used it, I understood that it was an imitation also.

3.       Put the dirty dish on the kitchen sink
It doesn’t always happen, but now it’s getting more often.

4.       Cleaning his face and mouth with tissue
He does this especially if there is a roll tissue nearby.

5.       Putting books back to the shelf
Mostly he left it in a mess, but certain times when we wanted to leave the house, he would put the book back on its place.

6.       Putting toothbrushes back to the container
He usually puts toothbrush in his mouth during the bath time, and threw those brushes to the bucket (we don’t have a tub). In the end of the session, when I am ready with the towel in front of the bathroom door, he will carefully placing the brushes one by one to the container.

7.       Bite the seal of water gallon, as he saw my husband used his teeth to open it
Maybe it was extraordinary for him when he first watched his dad did that, thus he often tried to bite the sealed cap.

8.       Put my cellphone on his ear and laughing while walking
I didn’t realize that that’s how I’m talking on the phone!

9.       And also some routines that he knows will happen after certain things:
- when I put on my skirt and hijab, he will directly head to the door, thinking that “we’ll go for a walk!”
– if the bread seller passes our house with its loud sound, he will clap his hands, signing that he wants to stop the motorcycle and buy
– if I finish praying, he will go to the desk and take a Quran for me to read it
– if I don’t take some clothes soon after he finish taking a bath, he will walk to the drawer and pull the second shelf (where I put his pants), and take one shorts
1        – if i give the “don’t do that” look when he disobey me, he will raise his point finger in front of his face and look at me

The conclusion is, be careful with what you do in front of your kids because they will imitate you, now or later.  Happy parenting!



  1. I just had a parenting session with the school psychologist and we talked exactly about this topic!

    1. waa i hope we can share it!
      either as a teacher or as a parent, we should be their role model..