Thursday, January 29, 2015

#EF4: Doraemon's Doraplastic

Okay, what is that? It took some minutes for me to digest that message, displayed on my friend’s profile picture. Looks like a sushi roll, but it’s blue, so it can’t be.  

Oh wait, it is indeed a piece of sushi but it is made of plastic and rice. What a cool ad! This advertisement is part of a campaign to use plastic wisely since a lot of sea creatures eat those plastic materials. If you have read my previous post about plastic, you know how I hate to throw plastic bag because it harms the environment. I am still wanting a thing, a tool, a machine –whatever you call it- to solve this plastic ‘versus environment” problem.

Let’s daydream for a while. Think about something you can have to change plastic garbage into useful things. Ah, got it. Doraemon!  Ya, that blue robotic cute cat. He always has unique yet useful gadget inside his pocket. If I can wish for a tool from his pocket, I would say a Doraplastic.

Doraplastic stands for DOn’t thRow Away the PLASTIC. It is a kind of recycling machine but it comes in a very portable, stylish design. I imagine that it is as big as 1L Tupperware drinking bottle that you can bring inside your backpack, or put it inside your car. For kids, I will make the Doraemon version. This is the prototype:

For adult: Open the lid to put in the plastic. Press the button to start the recycling process. Release the blue layer at the bottom of the tool to put out the plastic flakes.
This is Doraplastic for kids, just exactly like Doraemon in shape, made of stainless steel.

How does it work?
Oh come on, this is a tool from Doraemon’s pocket, so how it works is not an issue. What matters is, Doraplastic recycles plastic materials. I picture the end product will be like flakes that we can keep for a while, until we find Doraplastic Depo, where plastic flakes are collected and then distributed to factories that need plastic as their basic materials.

How much will it cost?
I would say Rp 100.000 is affordable for small machine like Doraplastic. The government can give subsidy to them who can’t afford to buy. Or even better, the local authority can provide Doraplastic Bin in every corner of the street so everyone can use it.

If it really exists, we won’t have flood every time hard rain comes. We won’t see garbage on the river, on the, wait. It depends on the people, whether they really care to recycle or just throw the garbage away. Oh well, I become so angry right now to those kinds of people. It makes me want to ask more tools from Doraemon pocket: Magnetic Garbage. In short, it is a sensor that can make every garbage thrown (not to the bin) sticks to the person’s hand until he or she throws it to the right place.

Can you imagine, you throw away a coffee sachet on the street and boom! It bounces back and stick to your hand like a magnet. Hahaha…!  

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  1. A mindful imagination, it is :) Plastic is one of the 'cruelest enemies' of the environment, indeed. While we have no Doraplastic yet, maybe we can lessen the plastic's use.. Years later, who knows your imagination would come true? ;)

    1. Thank you mbak Andin :)
      You're right, like computers, who could imagine that now computer is as thin as tablet? So i'm quite optimistic that the recycling machine can be as small as a bottle :D

  2. Woww Mba. So cool.
    You elaborate every detail.
    I was shocked when I clicked on your first picture. I remembered a cartoon movie. It was about a pinguin. One of them was tangled with a plastic around its neck.

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Not only penguin, some kinds of birds who find foods on the sea were found dead because they ate bottle lids, plastic rope, etc.. That's horrifying :(